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We are food revolutionaries and our remit is to overthrow the pyramid. The traditional food pyramid that is! The overemphasis on nutrient-poor grain foods and the vilification of beneficial saturated fat has got to go, and we'll help it along any way we can.

Years ago we started buying virgin coconut oil off the supermarket shelves, but found the purity and hygiene standards of many brands somewhat lacking. After more than four years of research and tinkering, we finally have something we are proud to bring to the table.

Coconut For Good presents a range of consciously made, minimally processed, coconut products made from fresh virgin coconut.

A beautifully light and neutral virgin coconut oil to provide you with a pure blank canvas. Perfect for daily use on the skin and in the stomach. Steelcrafted in Singapore with cutting-edge technology.

Powder soft coconut that is your gluten-free solution to Everything; like curries, gravies, smoothies, cakes, pies, frosting and anything else you may want.