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New Revolution Coconut

Rawkit :: Best Fudge Forever :: Pack of 4 x 215g


Best Fudge Forever
We've taken mineral-rich black sesame and combined it with our
melt-in-the mouth stoneground virgin coconut to give you fudge in a flash.

No Baking - No Sugar - No Wheat

:: Vegan :: Raw :: Paleo ::

BFF Original Recipe
Melt 100g good quality dark chocolate
Add 1 ripe banana
2 handfuls of dried cherries
Scoop half a jar of Rawkit into the mix

Mash it all up and pat into a loaf tin (silicone works best),
chill for 45 minutes and cut into shapes of desire! 

Our best value pack of four ($13 each) gives you enough to share with all your BFFs!

This product has a very stable shelf life when open and unopened,
as long as you keep it away from moisture. 215g of raw goodness per jar.

Order your instant luxury today.


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